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of your learning environments

Education for everyone with Windows 11 and MSGW computers

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Windows 11 for Education

Empower your students, teachers, and schools to unlock their full potential with the most secure, accessible Windows for learning in the classroom and beyond.

Choose which Windows is right for your school:

Windows 11 Pro

Supports high performance workloads and apps needed for high school education, while providing access to a wide variety of cost-effective devices.

Windows 11 SE

A cloud-first operating system optimized for the unique needs of K-8 education, powering devices that are easy to secure, deploy, and manage.

Inclusive learning | Secure and scalable IT | More value to advance learning

Inclusively designed

Deliver a high-quality learning platform for students of all abilities, at school or online.

  • Get integrated learning tools to help students master reading, writing, and math.
  • Use a digital pen to write and draw naturally on a more sensitive touchscreen.
  • Access files and apps with voice and simple gestures.

Improve school experiences across the board

Windows 11 Microsoft 365 Education offers school leaders, teachers, IT staff, and students the software solutions they need to improve learning outcomes, find new classroom efficiencies, and save resources.

See our latest MSGW Windows 11 EDU offer

We have devised a special MSGW computers offer for schools and kindergartens which helps you stretch your budget further.